MyYoga on Gaiam launches 21 Day Yoga Challenge

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MyYoga 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Today My Yoga on Gaiam TV will launch the 21-day Greet the Sun with My Yoga Challenge, helping participants make a habit of conscious living.

The next evolution in streaming yoga combines MyYogaOnline’s diverse yoga community of students and teachers with Gaiam TV’s vast library of over 6,000 conscious videos with topics ranging from yoga to meditation, fitness, natural health, spirituality, inspiring documentaries and beyond.

Its first Challenge since joining the Gaiam TV family, My Yoga delivers a fun, community-based program that streams classes in the home to provide an experience tailored for beginner, intermediate or advanced yogis.

“With Greet the Sun, we have worked hard to build our first-ever Challenge on Gaiam TV, combining daily yoga and Pilates classes with healthy breakfast ideas and the most recent trends in holistic health in an effort to create a morning routine our members will look forward to each day,” says Michelle Trantina, co-founder of MyYogaOnline, now called My Yoga on Gaiam TV.

The ancient practice of yoga and the prevalence of modern technology make yoga’s wisdom accessible and readily available to all. My Yoga on Gaiam TV honors the sanctity of an individual’s practice, and also celebrates the coming-together of a community that can motivate, inspire and encourage each other along their own personal journeys to wellness.

“We are champions of the holistic yogic lifestyle, and curate our offering to feature the absolute finest yoga videos from the best teachers, as well as videos, articles and films that inform and inspire people to live balanced, happy and conscious lives,” says Jaymi Bauer, CMO of Gaiam TV.

To check out the benefit of practicing at home with My Yoga on Gaiam TV, join the Greet the Sun 21-Day Challenge and get your first 10 days free.


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