New Mexico Inmates are getting their OM on

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Yoga is popular in Orange is the New Black, the Netflix show about life in a women’s correctional facility, and yoga is becoming popular in prisons in the real world as well. All across the country, yoga is being used to prepare inmates for life outside the system.

New Mexico is no exception. Yoga is now part of the rehabilitation plan at the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility.

According to the New Mexico Department of Corrections in a report they issued last month, “There is substantial research suggesting that yoga and mindfulness programming, in conjunction with the methods already in place by Corrections, would help NMCD in its efforts to reach its central goal of recidivism [relapse into crime] reduction.”

Yoga has been used by James Fox to help reduce recidivism in Tennessee prisons, and now Fox offers yoga teacher training for those interested in teaching within correctional institutions. Yoga is also used by the California Department of Corrections introduce serenity in some of their toughest prisons since the early 2000s.



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