North Dakota High School Bans Yoga Pants

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North Dakota School bans Yoga Pants

Remember when I was bitching about the yoga pants ban back in April? A school in North Dakota has jumped on the Yoga Pants Ban wagon. Devils Lake High School began a crackdown on yoga pants, leggings, and skinny jeans because, according to school officials, they could cause boys to “focus on something other than schoolwork.”

The assistant principal told Fox News the new dress code is a way to prevent distracting teachers and other students. The assistant principal also told Fox News they sat down the female students and had them watch two clips from the movie “Pretty Woman” and compared their attire to the main character, played by Julia Roberts, who is a prostitute.

Supposedly the assistant principal said that this new policy is not meant to objectify girls, but to stop boys from focusing on something other than class work, but as I said earlier, this school is not the first to have banned yoga pants. Devils Lake High School is just the latest in a slew of schools have banned female clothing that is “too distracting” to male students.

Other schools that have banned yoga pants, leggings, and/or skinny jeans include:

  • Haven Middle School (Evanston, Ill.)
  • North Haven High School (North Haven Conn.)
  • Marlow Oklahoma School District (Stephens County, Okla.)
  • Kenilworth Junior High (Petaluma Cali.)
  • Rockport High School (Rockport, Mass.)
  • Weymouth Public Schools (Weymouth, Mass.)
  • Minnetonka High School (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

Are any of these female students outraged? You bet. And with good reason. These schools are teaching their students that boys are incapable of controlling their thoughts and actions, and girls should have to hide their bodies or else they’re going to be an object of sexual desire.

These schools are teaching girls they need to be ashamed of their bodies. This further perpetuates the rape culture view that if a woman is dressed provocatively she’s asking to be raped. A woman can be completely naked and she’s still not asking to be raped. Instead of teaching girls to be ashamed of their bodies, we should teach boys to control their actions.

Let’s face it; teenage girls can be covered up in burqas and niqabs, and teenage boys are still going to think about sex.

Jenna Karvunidis, a writer at ChicagoNow says, “If we start blaming girls’ bodies for robbing their male counterparts of an education, women are going to eventually be stuffed back indoors.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

What do you think? I’d love to hear all views and opinions on this subject.

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