Pitta Pacifying Yoga Poses from Yogi Cameron

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Ayurveda is a form of traditional east Indian medicine dating back 5,000 years. Ayurveda has many positive practices that are helpful even now in our era of pill-popping.

When we choose to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle, we have the potential to strengthen our immune system, maintain homeostasis, and significantly reduce the possibilities of any unwanted side effects we might experience as a result of drugs or other unnatural regimens.

Ayurvedic practioners believe your body has three energy types called doshas, and a myriad of disturbances with our bodies can occur of these are out of balance. Lucikly, these doshas can be brought into balance, and one of those ways is through yoga.

Pitta Pacifying Yoga

What if a small group of campers made a small fire to stay warm and cook their dinner, but then one of their number came along and flung a bunch of large branches and oversized logs on top of it?

What started as a campfire would then become a bonfire. This bonfire would not only endanger the campers and burn right through the food, but it would likely run the risk of alighting the surrounding forestry as well.

This is the struggle with those who have a lot of Pitta energy in their body. Pitta is analogous to the fire element, in that it regulates our body’s ability to metabolize (burn) energy from the food we eat and therefore allow us to sustain life.

This intense, productive energy helps us to remain productive as well. But when we add too much fuel to the fire in the form of heat-producing substances like spicy and sour foods, too much effort and work in our jobs, and too much physical activity, our fire turns into a bonfire. This leads to issues like hyperacidity, inflammation, and liver complaints. Those with too much fire become bad-tempered (a hothead) and irritable.

What people with a lot of Pitta energy typically do is pursue physical activity with the same intensity as they pursue the rest of their life: triathlons, football, and aggressive, powerful yoga sequences. This throws even more fuel onto the fire and leads to burn out.

The following five postures, on the other hand, induce calming, peaceful behavior so as to give the fiery Pitta personality a rest from their intense lives. These five postures promote reflection over action, thereby helping to keep the fire contained.

Tree Pose

Half Shoulder Stand
Child's Pose Corpse Pose Seated Forward Bend

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