prAna yoga products now come with 74% less plastic packaging

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Seeing a way to make a positive change in the way it ships its products, prAna began cutting back on the number of plastic bags it uses in packaging with the Poly Project. All of prAna’s products, including their yoga gear, now come with 74% less plastic packaging.

“We took a walk through the warehouse and asked ourselves, ‘Does this piece really need to be in a poly bag?’ It was as simple as that,” said prAna’s Director of Sustainability, Nicole Bassett. “We started to look at alternatives, and three years later, thanks to some research and amazing teamwork, we have cut 31,000 pounds of plastic so far — it really adds up.”

As you know, the apparel industry standard is to ship each product in its own, protective plastic bag. The core of prAna’s Poly Program is to continue delivering products with the aesthetic and quality our customers expect, but without the waste. PrAna put together a task force to identify areas of opportunity and conduct tests to see if more colors and styles could do without a protective bag.

“We’ve received great feedback since we started this project, and we take all that information from our factories, customers and employees to push ourselves to take more products out of plastic,” said Bassett. “I love this project because it’s about making a positive change for the planet, our customers, and I can see my prAna teammates are excited and inspired by it, too.”

PrAna’s sustainability strategy includes a commitment to cut waste throughout its operations, through energy conservation, recycling, and reducing plastic packaging. Learn more about prAna’s Sustainability efforts.

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