Russell Simmons talks to Snoop Dogg about Yoga

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Russell Simmons on Yoga and Veganism

Russell Simmons is perhaps best known for co-founding Def Jam records in 1983, but music aside, Russell Simmons is becoming well known for his activism and continued yoga practice. Russell Simmons is a student of Jivamukti Yoga, founded by Sharon Gannon.

While I was surfing around on Reddit Yoga earlier I came across a short clip of Russell Simmons talking to Snoop Dogg about the benefits of yoga.

I believe there are many benefits of yoga. I believe yoga effects everybody differently, and empowers everybody differently. I have to say I absolutely LOVE the way Russell Simmons says it empowers him to face challenges off the mat.

Check out this short clip.

For the full interview where he talks about music, veganism, and meditation, watch the video below.


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