Sioux Falls Regional Airport Opens Yoga Room

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CPM Fitness Opened a Yoga Area at Sioux Falls Airport
Sioux Falls Regional Airport joins the likes of Midway, O’Hare, and San Francisco International by adding a yoga area.
CPM Fitness and the Sioux Falls Regional Airport have teamed up to create a small yoga and meditation area where travelers may get in a little peace and relaxation before or after a flight.
Situated near the business center in the gate area of the airport, the yoga area comes complete with mats travelers can use in case they didn’t bring their own. While there won’t be a yoga teacher on site, there is a chart showing 10 yoga poses for passengers who have no yoga experience.
Exercise before and after traveling can have a profound impact on one’s well-being. Yoga’s soothing meditative qualities can reduce anxiety passengers may experience surrounding flying, while the asanas can reduce the risk of one developing a blood clot in their leg.
CPM co-owner Annie Mello told the Argus Leader, “It’ll be great. I’m shocked more airports aren’t doing this.”
Other airports with yoga rooms include:
Chicago Midway International
Chicago O’Hare International
San Francisco International
Burlington International
Dallas-Fort Worth International
Photo by CPM Fitness


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