Six Yoga Poses for a More Flexible Spine

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Yoga has been practiced all over the world for many years. Unlike exercise fads that come and go, yoga remains a steady exercise routine for many individuals.

One reason so many people appreciate yoga, is because it isn’t limited to a particular age or physical fitness.

Children are practicing yoga in elementary school, and even the elderly are able to attend weekly classes and senior activities in New Orleans or at their local Sunshine Retirement Living center. For those that suffer from decreased mobility due to an inflexible spine or back pain, yoga can be a life changer.

Learn more about the six yoga moves for a more flexible spine below.

Extended Puppy

Extended puppy is a mixture of downward dog and child’s pose. The extended puppy puts you in the same position as child’s pose, but doesn’t require you to get down quite as low. Instead of resting your forward on the mat, reach your hands out as far as they go and keep your head level. Doing this allows the muscles in your back to stretch while lengthening your back. After several practices, you’ll notice the pose is easier to accomplish, which will make achieving both child’s pose and downward dog easier.

Watch: How to do Extended Puppy

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is simple and easy to do. At first glance, it may seem too simple to actually help your back, but this isn’t true. When completed correctly, Mountain pose can strengthen your torso and back muscles. Eventually, and with conjunction of other moves, this pose will improve your posture and make your spine more flexible as well.

Watch: How to do Mountain Pose

Garland Pose

Don’t let the squatting look of the Garland pose scare you away. To accomplish this pose, start at the end of your mat and begin to squat. Don’t worry if you don’t get all the way down. Eventually, you will. In the meantime, your back will start to strengthen, and you’ll get further toward the mat in your pose.

Watch: How to do Garland Pose

Upward Bow

Sometimes the Upward bow is called the boat. It’s easy to do, but can be difficult to get at first. To do this, rest your weight on your backside, specifically your “sit bones”. Next, raise your feet towards the ceiling while reaching your hands towards your feet. As you work on keeping your back and spine straight and tall, you’ll increase their muscle strength and mobility.

Watch: How to do Upward Bow


Locust helps prepare your back for deeper poses. Whether a yogi is practicing for deep backbends or working on strengthening and loosening back muscles, the Locust pose will help get you there. Simply start on your stomach and use your back muscles to lift your legs and shoulder upward.

Watch: How to do Locust

Cat – Cow

Cat and Cow should be a part of every yoga practice. These poses are usually done at the beginning and end of any yoga class. The purpose is to gently massage your back and belly organs in preparation of deeper poses and to cool down at the end of practice.

Watch: How to do Cat Cow

As you tackle these six yoga poses, you will find some are easier than others. It’s important to accept what your body will give you on any given day. With regular practice, you can expect these six poses to help you achieve a more flexible spine.


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