6 Yoga Poses to Reduce The Pain of Whiplash

Whiplash is an injury that causes pain, and greatly affects everyday life. Sufferers are always looking for low-cost therapies to ease symptoms like headaches and back aches. Exercise tops the list as an alternative to surgery in extreme cases and Yoga has six poses to help break the cycle of pain and help you return to health.

Downward Facing Dog

Start by getting on your hands and knees. Raise your rear as you straighten your knees and elbows. Walk your feet slightly out and press them flat to the floor. Maintain posture with your neck aligned with your spine. Hold this for five seconds before lowering to the original position. Repeat for five to seven times. If your whiplash has caused serious neck aches, be sure you have someone watch to see if you head is aligned as you do this pose.

Wide Leg Forward Bend

Stand straight to align the neck and spine with feet spread four feet apart. Clasp hands behind your back and lean forward. Pay attention to neck positioning ensuring it is aligned with the spine. Hold for five to ten seconds. This could be repeated up to ten times.

Cat and Cow

Get on all fours with hands and knees 12 inches apart. Look towards the sky while arching the back downward. Follow this with looking down towards the thighs as you arch the back upwards like a cat. Take care when looking up and down to avoid straining your neck. You should feel a slight pull when looking down. Repeat the motion five times in each direction.

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose focuses on stretching the neck and spine simultaneously. Sit on your feet with knees folded behind you at a distance that aligns with the hips. Raise both hands overhead in a prayer position. Lean forward as you lay your upper torso on your thighs with arms stretched out. During the stretch, gently extend the neck while maintaining your posture. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat this step about five times.

The Y

Lay flat on your back with arms midway between your sides and top of the head in a Y shape. Your legs are straight and together. Start by stretching the neck gently followed by slowly turning your head from side to side. This can be repeated up to ten times.

Easy Pose with Neck Stretch

Now that the neck muscles are warm they should respond more easily to side-to-side stretching. This basic pose starts while sitting straight with legs crossed and feet together. Place the right hand over the head and palm the left ear followed by gently pulling the head to the side. Hold for five seconds. Repeat this step with the opposite side. Five sets will do nicely, before sitting upright for ten minutes of cleanse breathing.

These poses can center the body and reinforce the spine and neck alignment. Accidents of all kinds cause whiplash that may require the services of a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Regardless of the reason behind your injury, yoga poses can help alleviate the damage caused and increase your range of motion.