Stretch into Power Yoga

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Stretch into Power Yoga

Getting in shape, losing weight, gaining energy and building your flexibility and strength are some of the many benefits of yoga. Searching for classes that fit with your physical goals is the first step to enjoying more from the development of Yoga. A style that offers opportunities to help you get fit and go to the next level of health is with Power Yoga classes. This style of Yoga is one of many designed to create a healthier and more fit approach to your health.

The roots of Yoga are traced back to India through specialized practices of sages. The philosophies were developed to create longevity, better health and a balance between the body and mind. From the foundation of Yoga, a variety of schools opened with new techniques and postures for better health. The approach extended into building flexibility and strength while balancing energetic centers in the body.

Today, yoga has extended into hundreds of practices. Power Yoga classes are one of the varieties used with a focus on better health.

The courses are designed to assist one in targeting areas of their body that need different approaches to health. Core training, strength building and flexibility are the target areas of this format, specifically which extends on the philosophies and foundation of original Yogic philosophies.

The main concept is to use Yoga with faster movements and sequences that directly target the needs your body has. This speeds up the process of health, weight loss and other goals you may have.

The basis of the classes offers better health for the body and to the mind. Many of the practitioners have also extended the practice, combining it with other formats. For instance, many practice in heated rooms to speed the metabolism and to boost the practice. Others combine this with breathing techniques that have been used in Yoga, such as Hatha or Prana Yoga. Other hybrid practices from the roots of this style have also been established, specifically designed to boost specific goals that one may have. These combinations have further extended the practice while inviting in more of the positive benefits of Yoga.

With the diversity of classes offered, one is able to work toward personal goals they may have. You can tap into specific poses that are used and which target specific areas of your body. There are also sequences used, which combine a series of poses in Yoga. When practicing these sequences continuously, it rapidly changes your body and balances your health. Many are also known to boost your energy levels and mind power, specifically because of the focus of each sequence.

The development of Yoga has branched from thousands of years of practice. An alternative that is now building in popularity is with the development of specialized approaches, such as Power Yoga. The establishment of this particular practice is inclusive of health benefits for the mind and body. Finding the mixture that fits with your personal goals while allowing you to reach new levels of wellness allows you to stretch into the many benefits of Yoga.

Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:


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