Sweet Mat is reinventing the yoga mat

by May 14, 2015Yoga0 comments

Meet Sweet Mat
Yoga mats usually smell pretty bad, but Denver-based company wants to change that. Sweet Mat is reinventing all natural, rubber yoga mats by infusing them with soothing scents.
Thanks to the bacteria that grows on yoga mats (ew), and the scent of the PVC or natural rubber, yoga mats can stink to high heaven. Nobody wants to be smelling a yucky mat during downward facing dog.
Sweet Mats has released two scents so far: Potent Peppermint and Heavenly Lavender. I haven’t tried a Sweet Mat yet, but I’m looking forward to it, and I will be sharing my review when I do.
Find out more about Sweet Mat here: http://sweet-mat.com/.


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