Take your yoga practice outdoors

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Outdoor Yoga

Have you ever been in a crowded, stale-smelling yoga room, trying your best to concentrate on your poses but all the while wondering: “Is this all there is?”

It’s truly uninspiring, which is exactly what yoga should never be!

If your yoga routine needs a shake-up, it’s time to step out the door. Don’t worry, though; we’re not suggesting you break up with yoga! In fact, we want you to connect with yoga in a new way: by going outdoors.

Yoga was originally meant as a means to get practitioners closer to nature, so it’s only, well… natural… for you to go outside and get your ohm on at the beach, in the forest, in a park, on a rooftop, in the mountains or wherever the spirit takes you – safely.

Before you grab your gear and go, though, you do have to be practical about the whole notion of doing downward dog in the early morning dew or under the hot sun.

Dress Appropriately for Where You’re Going to Be

You’d be surprised at how many people who choose to do yoga in a park setting during lunchtime forget that they have to wear an outfit that isn’t made for an air-conditioned health club studio. Adjust your apparel accordingly, or you might end up doing hot yoga unintentionally.

Have Lots of Water on You

Depending upon the location of your yoga class, you might not be able to just fill up your water bottle whenever you suck up all that good H2O during breaks. Bring plenty of hydrating drinks so you aren’t left high and dry.

Make Sure the Place You’ll Be Doing Yoga Isn’t Private Property!

As yogis who offer outdoor yoga classes in new and exciting locales sometimes discover, not all people, businesses or municipalities are open to their practicing yoga wherever they’d like.

Therefore, before you grab some gal pals and go to the nearby schoolyard to practice yoga, you might want to make a few phone calls to get the green light. No one wants to get in trouble for doing stretches!

Be Open to Not Using Your Mat

Yes, this can be a scary consideration for anyone who thinks she would freak if she didn’t have a yoga mat to cushion her during poses. However, if you’re going to be outside, why not embrace the fact that the “floor” is going to be uneven?

Use it as an extra challenge, and try to be “one” with the environment. Hey, if worst comes to worst, you can always bring your yoga mat along just in case.

Take Along Some Kind of Insect Repellant

You may have learned from years of experience how to control backyard mosquitoes at your own hacienda, but that doesn’t mean that the place where you’ll be doing yoga poses knows what you do about keeping bugs at bay. Therefore, it’s a good bet that you’ll want some kind of bug repellant.

Bring the Suntan Lotion While You’re at It!

If you’re going to be outside while the sun is shining, you’ll need sunscreen. Slather it on so you don’t end up looking like a crispy – but super-fit – piece of bacon in yoga pants!

Keep Looking for New Places to Do Yoga

Many people who try outdoor yoga on a whim really get hooked on it. They love how they can just sink into their surroundings, feeling at ease with nature like never before.

If you become one of these outside yoga enthusiasts, keep your eyes open for new yoga locations.

No matter where you ohm, it will soothe your spirit and your soul… all while helping you stay fit in mind and body.

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