The East Coast Yoga Company unites yoga fashion and the East Coast lifestyle

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The East Coast Yoga Company is a brand new startup that is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to print their first large run of shirts.

Started by a graphic designer and yoga teacher, the East Coast Yoga Company is the union of yoga, design, and fashion. ECYC builds on a community of passionate yogis who share a love of the East Coast lifestyle.

Founder Chrissy Dillman started the business because she was in need of functional and stylish tops that fit in with her life in leggings.

“I’ve been practicing yoga for over 2 years, and I am a certified yoga instructor,” Chrissy says. “I practice and teach hot power vinyasa style classes that are both challenging and transformative.”

“I started practicing yoga as a way to get my body moving after sitting at my desk job all day long,” Chrissy explains, “but I found yoga is a great mini therapy session that goes deeper than tight muscles. The combination of physical postures and inspiring philosophies really landed on me. I began to conquer things I never thought I could. I was open to new things and accepted challenges instead of fearing them.”

The highest point for Chrissy was zip-lining over Arenal Lake on the highest and fastest zip-lining course in Costa Rica. “I would have never even considered it had I not had my yoga practice to help me get there,” Chrissy says of the experience.

“It’s also thanks to my yoga practice that I have the courage to start East Coast Yoga Company,” Chrissy continues. “This a big venture – completely terrifying and exciting at the same time!”

The East Coast Yoga Company is working to provide affordable yoga inspired tops that can double as practice gear and casual every day wear.

“Just think,” Chrissy says, “the East Coast has some of the coldest winters and the hottest summers. We need more than trendy crop tops. We need tee’s, long sleeves, and hoodies to get us to and from our yoga class depending on the season. And our coast is loaded with big cities and beautiful beaches, the perfect balance of high paced urban life and laid back beach days.”

Currently East Coast Yoga Company is trying to raise $2,500 for website costs and marketing, printing and manufacturing, and packaging.

What’s next after Kickstarter? Chrissy says she would love for ECYC to bring the yoga community together and host yoga retreats down the coastline.

“The day we launch our first weekend retreat with fellow east coasters, I’ll know we’ve done something great!”

Check out East Coast Yoga Company on Kickstarter, and help Chrissy make her dream a reality.


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