The Prego Zen Way: How Prenatal Yoga Can Help You Prepare for Birth

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Being pregnant means staying fit, relaxed and healthy for both you and your baby. One of the ideal ways to reach these goals is to practice yoga. According to Pure Wow, there are numerous things that might happen if you do prenatal yoga such as less anxiety, better sleep, easier labor, reduced back pain and less nausea plus look and feel great.

Stress Levels

Practicing yoga is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Yoga helps you unwind and some of the poses even help with breathing. Moreover, many experts agree that yoga keeps you in tune with your body which is very beneficial during labor. On the contrary, studies show that if stress during pregnancy is not dealt with it can affect fetal growth, fetal development, birth weight and length of gestation. Therefore, it is imperative that stress be reduced and women take steps to minimize their stress during pregnancy such as daily yoga.

As you start making yoga a routine, you should pair it with other things that will help to keep the stress at bay. One thing that really goes well with yoga is meditation. This is where you will be able to clear you mind out of all of your stress. Perhaps you’re anxious about your baby—is it developing okay and will you be able to have a successful pregnancy? Maybe you’re worried about being the right type of mom—are you going to be good enough for him or her and what mistakes do you hope to avoid?

Such thoughts are common, but you have to step away from that and yoga, paired with meditation, is one great way to do just that.

Keeps You in Shape

Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy. It also makes it a lot easier to get back into shape after you have a baby. In fact, there are many poses designed specifically to meet the needs of pregnant women as opposed to high-impact exercises. Some of the benefits include improved flexibility, greater muscle strength and better circulation.

Staying in shape is pretty important during pregnancy as the process can take its toll on a woman’s muscles and back. Doing yoga can help them to strengthen those muscles as well as make them to be more flexible so that they can endure it with more ease. Here are just a few of the yoga poses that you should know:

  1. Sitting Side Stretch
  2. Child’s Pose
  3. Cat Pose

Of course, you shouldn’t just start exercising once you hit the 7-months mark and things start to get a bit more uncomfortable for you. To help you build the strength that you need to stay in shape, you should start as soon as you (a) plan on getting pregnant, and/or (b) become pregnant.

Helps You Prepare for Labor and Prevent Injury

Many experts agree that labor is the most physical thing a woman can do. Being unprepared for labor is not advisable and can make labor more intense. Preparing for labor can prevent different types of injury such as shoulder dystocia or other complications. Shoulder dystocia is a painful and difficult birth. It is caused by the baby’s shoulder being wedged behind a mother’s pubic bone. If the baby is not delivered in a timely manner, there are often serious consequences. If shoulder dystocia does occur, a personal injury attorney should be able to help answer any questions or concerns.

Helps You and Baby Stay Healthy

Yoga helps you and your baby stay healthy in numerous ways. For instance, yoga is known to lower the risk of prenatal depression which is a big concern for many mothers. Yoga also helps reduce nausea, back pain and achy legs. What is more, yoga increases circulation and causes less varicose veins.

Not only that, but as you include healthy activities into your daily life, you’ll be setting yourself up for a healthier future that will benefit both you and your child. You’ll be more prepared and stronger for all of the tasks that motherhood requires—such as lifting your child on a daily basis and running after him or her as they get up to mischievousness in their terrible two’s stage. Along with that, as your baby grows, they will see you as an example of healthy living and be more likely to choose that type of lifestyle too.

Furthermore, yoga helps you stay in tune with your body. When you are in tune with your body you also create a closer bond with your baby.


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