This hemp yoga mat will make you feel like a better person

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In case you missed the memo, hemp is becoming mainstream. It’s about time, if you ask me! Hemp is known for it’s eco-friendly properties. This is why I’m so thrilled to see a new Kickstarter project for the SuperGreen Hemp Yoga Mat. It will literally make you a better person because you’ll be reducing the number of toxic PVC mats that eventually end up in the trash.

I’ve gone through several yoga mats. I tend to wear them out. I have had my eye on a nice new non-toxic, non-slip, eco-friendly yoga mat, but I’ve not yet ponyed up the cash, partly because I’m afraid it won’t be very durable, and then what?

Hopefully, Sumer and Karen Matharu have a solution. Their eco-friendly yoga mat comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Their yoga mat is a combination of hemp and cotton, with a natural Jute filling. And the non-slip part? It’s all in the stitching, baby. Sumer and Karen opted for a diamond stitch pattern which gives their yoga mat enough traction to work on hardwood and even laminate.

The best part? There’s no PVC anywhere near this mat.

Find out more from their Kickstarter project. I can’t wait to see this mat hit the global market.


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