This is what happens when you take yoga too seriously

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When you take yoga too seriously, someone makes a web comedy about you.

Last night I sat down and watched the first 5 episodes of YOGAPHILES, a quirky Indie web comedy about a group of yogis that take themselves — and yoga — a little too seriously. I turned on this series because my friend Dashama Gordon plays yoga teacher Shaye in a few of the episodes, and because I have an affinity for satire. I was not disappointed!

Created by Celeste Thorson, YOGAPHILES follows a group of regular students that flock to studio in Los Angeles for a weekly beginner class. The personalities of the students clash much in the way they do in a real life yoga class. Through these vibrant personalities, YOGAPHILES explores health, sex, pop culture, and LGBT life.

“I feel like most people who do yoga have a great sense of humor and appreciation for life,” said director Celeste Thorson. “I’m so inspired by the physicality of yoga, it’s fun to showcase it in a sitcom through the eyes of these eccentric characters.”

I was literally laughing out loud during this show. I tend to roam in the yoga and new age circles. I know *so* many people like each of these characters. I found YOGAPHILES both heartwarming and grounding.

Watch the first 2 episodes, and get a feel for these eccentric characters yourself.

Episode 1

Episode 2


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