This yoga mat will help you learn yoga

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SmartMat will help you learn yoga

Beginner yogis are always looking for a way to learn yoga better, easier, and quicker. A new product coming to market that might just make it easier for people to learn yoga.

SmartMat looks and feels like a traditional yoga mat that gives you real-time feedback that you can use to learn yoga asanas better. If you’re off the mark a bit, the mat will tell you through your smart phone or tablet, and you can use this information to adjust your pose.

Your SmartMat will take you through a “calibration” process when you first activate it. This involves you adding basic information about your height and weight. Then it will take measurements about your arm span, with various ratios between your limbs.

Once your initial calibration is done, the mat will take you through a deeper calibration with a series of baseline poses to understand your abilities and limitations.

The SmartMat Marketplace comes standard with numerous programs pre-configured for you to practice Yoga at your level.

From a beginners Morning Wake Up Flow or a gentle Yin Hip Openers class, to more advanced practices such as the Ashtanga Series, or Backbends and Spinal Twists, SmartMat has classes for all levels and needs of practice including some non-Yoga programs such as Tibetan Bowl Meditation and a few other surprises.

The SmartMarketplace is a dynamic and growing entity that classes will be consistently added to.

After the initial release in summer 2015, SmartMat will invite a number of recognized teachers to develop individual SmartMat sequences in their own art and style. In addition to laying out the SmartClass sequencing, these “yogammers” will record the class visual, audio, and corrections so it is like they are right there in the room with you.

The mat is currently going through funding on Indie GoGo, and you can sign up as a backer for the next 28 days. For $297 you can join the community for $150 off retail price and get one of the first mats released.

See the SmartMat in action.


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