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Thanks to the power of technology, it’s easier than ever to learn yoga. Talented, dedicated, and creative yoga teachers put together amazing free videos to help you bring yoga into your home.

But for all of those who create really awesome videos, there are some really dreadful videos as well. Here at 42Yogis we know how frustrating it can be to sit and sift through YouTube looking for high quality yoga videos that you haven’t seen yet. That’s why we curate our video library of only the best yoga videos.

When I was looking at our database the other day I was surprised to see just what videos out of our extensive library are the most popular. I think you’ll be surprised too.

Without further ado, here are the 10 most popular videos here on

10. Beginner’s Power Vinyasa with Ali Kamenova

This awesome video from Ali Kamenova comes in 10th on our list. This beginner’s power yoga class is an intense calorie burner! Keep it up for a few weeks, and you’ll feel great. This class is designed to prepare you for higher level power yoga classes.

Watch it.

9. One Love Creative Flow with Becca Pati

The lovely Becca Pati takes 9th place with her One Love Creative Flow video. This video is a great creative vinyasa flow that opens up your hips, shoulders, and heart.

Watch it.

8. Advanced Inversion Flow with Tara Stiles

Advanced yogis really enjoyed Tara’s Advanced Inversion Flow video, making it number 8 on our list.

Watch it.

7 & 6. Warrior III with Adriene and Morning Sequence with Adriene

Austin, Texas yoga teacher Adriene comes in at numbers 7 and 6 with her two videos Warrior III and Morning Sequence.

Watch Warrior III and Morning Sequence.

5. Advanced Practice with Yogi Nora

Yogi Nora’s Advanced Practice makes number 5 thanks to all the advanced yogis here on This video is for a level 3 yogi or higher.

Watch it.

4. Shoulder Stretch with Kino MacGregor

This gentle, yet intense, shoulder stretch video with Kino comes in at number 4.

Watch it.

3. Yin Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster

Lesley Fightmaster takes 3rd place with her awesome Yin Yoga video. Yin Yoga is becoming more and more popular, but it’s hard to find such high quality videos as Lesley Fightmaster’s.

Watch it.

2. Manifestation Flow with Dashama

Sometimes we all need to manifest a little good, kindness, and prosperity in our lives. Because of this, it’s no surprise that the lovely Dashama comes in 2nd place with her Manifestation Flow.

Watch it.

And the number one yoga video on is….

1. Star Wars Yoga for Beginners

Yes, I was definitely surprised to see Star Wars Yoga take the number one spot, but I should’ve known there are geeky yogis out there. And really…who doesn’t love Star Wars?

Watch it.

Not happy with what made the list? Then start watching and sharing other videos! We’ll do another Top 10 list in the coming months, and it could be completely different by then!


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