Top 5 Yoga Videos to Tone Your Core

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Targeting your core in your yoga practice can help you maintain your waistline even when you’re overindulging in goodies. Here are my Top 5 Yoga Videos for the Core.

1. Core Flow Yoga with Marlene Henny

This video targets your core in just a few minutes. No hour long practice needed. This video gets ranked number 1 because it’s effective and short, perfect for that yogi on the go.

2. Core Transformation with Sadie Nardini

Sadie is the queen of Core Yoga. In this video you’ll get a core workout like you’ve never felt before in just 20 minutes.

3. Yoga Cardio HIIT with Lesley Fightmaster

You. Will. Sweat. There, you’ve been warned. In this 30 minute class you’ll tone your core, burn calories, and sweat. Bring a yoga towel.

4. Abs Toning Yoga Routine by Yogea

This 23-minute yoga sequence includes a selection of ab twists, pelvic tilts, and various core strengtheners that will kick your butt. This sequence doesn’t slow down even a little.

5. Intense Power Yoga for the Core with Ali Kamenova

In this hour long video your core is going to get a crazy workout. This video is definitely effective, but not for everybody. If you’re a beginner yogi, this might be too much for you.


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