Weekly Links #11

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This edition marks 11 weeks since I began the Weekly Yoga Links series! Each week I post a series of interesting links from around the web so you get the latest yoga and wellness news. The article averages 5-10 links in total, and is curated from a variety of different sources.

Here’s my picks of interesting yoga content from around the web this past week.

1. India is trying to prevent teachers in the west from getting patents on yoga poses

“Our experts have identified over 1500 yoga techniques from the literature available from our ancient texts and what is available now. Nearly 250 asanas have been videographed already. It should take five or six months to complete the process, after which it can be the part of the database.

“Once that happens, any attempt to claim patent on the Indian yoga techniques practised since ancient time can be thwarted,” said Archana Sharma.

2. A glimpse at the stunning Formentera Yoga Retreat

One of Europe’s most stunning retreats is located off the coast of Spain. This video gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to run away to a yoga retreat at Formentera.

3. 5 Yoga Poses That Relieve Pain Naturally

“If you’re looking to treat a variety of minor aches and pains naturally, relief may be a yoga class away (no painkillers required). Longtime studies conducted by researchers at Duke University Medical Center found that yoga is effective in the treatment of recurring pain, from carpal tunnel syndrome to the early stages of osteoarthritis. In the studies reviewed, patients saw significant reductions in joint pain, muscle stiffness, and overall physical discomfort while greatly improving their flexibility, range of motion, and muscle strength.”

4. The Beginner’s Mindset

“It was easy for me to approach yoga with beginner’s mind because I knew I was not an expert. I did not expect myself to be able to do a headstand, but was open to learning the steps to be able to do one eventually. It’s still pretty easy for me to assume a beginner’s mindset when it comes to yoga because I still feel like a novice.”

5. The Best Yoga Sequences to Score a Supermodel Body

“We spoke to celebrity instructor Chad Dennis–who works with the likes of Victoria’s Secret model (and Leonardo DiCaprio ex) Bar Refaeli–to find out some practical tips.”

6. Cat yoga is perfect for kitty lovers

A funky studio is offering yoga classes that feature a lot of cat bonding in addition to asanas and pranayama.

“Each hour-and-a-half class consists of 30 minutes of cat bonding, 45 minutes of yoga, and 15 minutes of saying good-bye to your newfound feline friends. Of course, the thing about cats is they sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, so there’s a really good chance that any time you visit a cat café they’re all going to be napping.”


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