With this board you can experience SUP yoga without getting wet

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SUP Yoga Board for Dry Land | 42Yogis.com

One of the most fun parts of SUP yoga is falling in the water and splashing around. But some would disagree with me. The getting wet bit not for everybody.

But, even if the idea of falling off a balance board into the water while doing Dancer’s Pose does sound like great fun, there are lots of yogis everywhere who don’t have waterfront access and can’t get the stability enhancing benefits from SUP yoga.

Thanks to an innovative man in Colorado, neither of these issues are problems anymore. Jerret Matson of Greeley, Colorado has started making SUP Yoga balance boards for use on dry land.

These boards, named Tarazu Boards, are handmade from three different eco-friendly lumber types: reclaimed wood, bamboo, and beetle kill. The beetle kill boards are made from wood in Colorado that has been destroyed by the aggressive Mountain Pine Beetle.

The word “Tarazu” means “finding balance” in Hindi, and these wooden balance boards are designed to help you find your balance. These dry land SUP yoga boards are designed to help you take your balance poses to the next level by challenging you to find your center every time you do yoga.

Practicing Yoga on a Tarazu Board is a great way to get the same benefits of SUP yoga without splashing around in the water every time your balance is a little off. Instead, you can practice in the comfort of your home, local studio, or at a local park.

Tarazu Boards have four detachable rockers on the bottom that give the boards a similar instability that you would experience doing SUP yoga on water. This instability makes the asanas more challenging, and helps you hone your balance.

Jerret is currently funding his project through Kickstarter, and he is estimating to start shipping the boards December 2014.


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