Yoga Gear Essentials for Beginner Yogis

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Starting yoga? Here's the essential gear for your practice. |

Yoga is incredibly popular right now with hundreds of yoga joining the millions already doing yoga. If you’re new to yoga, it may seem very intimidating to you. Some people might give you a long and precise list of everything you need, and others might not say a word. Both are equally confusing! This list is designed to take out some of that mystery. This list will tell you exactly what you need to get started with yoga, and practice yoga safely.

A couple workout outfits

A lot of people first starting out with yoga believe that normal workout gear is fine. And it might be for your first couple sessions, but soon you’ll realise that traditional workout clothing can be too loose.

Yoga gear should be relatively snug, but also moveable and breathable.

A wide range of products are available for yoga including shorts, shirts, and all kinds of pants. What you prefer will ultimately become clear the more you practice yoga. There is a wide variety of yoga clothing to choose from.

Yoga Mat

Whether you opt for an eco-friendly yoga mat, or a traditional yoga mat, your mat can be found almost anywhere these days.

Mats are available in almost every range of budget. Some yoga mats have even been made to be somewhat sticky, which will keep the risk of slipping at a minimum.

My palms tend to get slick during class. I first bought a yoga mat towel, and that was a disaster. After a lot of research I bought the Manduka Eko mat. It completely changed my life. Yoga on this mat feels the way it’s supposed to feel.

Hugger Mugger, Jade, and prAna also have some awesome mats and some eco-friendly choices.

A Mat Bag

When I first looked at Mat Bags I thought it was silly and a waste of money, but I am so thankful I have a yoga mat bag now! A mat bag is the perfect way to carry your yoga mat, and gives you a place to put your stuff during class.

I usually walk to class, and it’s nice to know that my mat is protected from the wind, rain, and snow to and from class.

I bought the Manduka Mat Sak from Amazon. Amazon had it at a better price than Manduka’s own website. This bag is large enough for my over-sized yoga mat. I have the Manduka Eko and it’s much thicker than traditional yoga mats. My Eko fits no problem. There is another compartment that I use for my keys, sweater, straps, and my water bottle.

Hugger Mugger has some beautiful mag bags, but I’m not sure if they fit thicker mats.

Online Classes

Can’t make it to class this week? No problem! Online videos can help you keep your yoga practice going when you’re not able to make it to class. A great thing about yoga videos is if you only have 10 minutes, it’s no big deal. There are plenty of shorter yoga videos out there that will help you deepen your practice.

A cushion

Cushions are important if your yoga class has a large meditative component. Cushions make it easier to meditate by reducing the likelihood you’ll be distracted by the cold floor you’re sitting on.

Meditation cushions vary in price. People in my class bring pillows from home. There’s no reason you have to spend a lot of money on an expensive buckwheat cushion.

Yoga Blocks

Blocks are part of a group of yoga products we call props. Blocks are very useful for beginner (and sometimes even advanced) yogis. Blocks give you a lot of support in some poses that might not be quite accessible otherwise.

They can be found separately, or in yoga essential kits. I prefer cork blocks personally, but the foam ones are cheaper, and work just as well.

Yoga Straps

Straps are often used in beginner’s yoga class to make sure you’re opening up the joints and muscles enough to benefit from everything that the yoga class has to offer. Straps can be found both in a kit or stand alone.

There are countless amounts of yoga items available. Which means that we have only begun to touch the basics on the yoga essentials checklist. There will always be something that you need or want with yoga lessons. Whether it be on the list or not, it is always a good idea to ask your instructor if you aren’t sure what you will need. Chances are, they will have an in-depth list of anything they require. Which will give you the ability to purchase your own, rather than utilizing their hand-outs.

With all your yoga purchases you should consider going green wherever possible. But going green doesn’t just mean reading the product label.
To truly go green you need to look at the full manufacturing and sourcing process for the product. It could be that the product labeled green is actually less environmentally friendly than the mainstream counterpart.

Manduka, Jade Yoga, Hugger Mugger, and prAna all offer environmentally friendly versions of most of these yoga essentials.

But out of all the things on the list, there’s one thing that you can’t go out and purchase, and that’s your intention. When you start your yoga practice, start with a positive intention, and set your mindset to be one of self-forgiveness. Having the right attitude will make up for almost anything you’re lacking in your yoga gear.

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