Yoga Gear Review: Sivana Spirit Headband

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Review: Deity Mantra Yoga Headband from Sivana Spirit |

My hair is always changing. I let it grow, and then on a whim I chop it all off. The colour changes about once a month, but one thing remains the same: it gets in my eyes during downward facing dog, even if I have it pulled back. This has been arguably the most frustrating part of my yoga practice.

I have tried all sorts of things ranging from bobby pins to headbands. Nothing works. My hair is just too damn defiant.

Then I found the Deity Mantra Headband from yoga lifestyle brand Sivana Spirit, and I thought I’d try it out. It’s a pretty headband, and if it doesn’t work for yoga, well, then I have a pretty hair accessory.

I ordered the Deity Mantra Headband in Brick. Even though I placed the order on a Friday night, the headband arrived pretty quickly tucked safely inside a bubble mailer envelope.

I wore the headband to the gym yesterday, and to yoga, and it stayed in place perfectly. Even when I was jogging, or stretching it out in downward facing dog.

Headbands never stay in place for me. Even the Gaiam headband with the sticky stuff on the inside slid about. I was pleasantly surprised to find this headband from Sivana Spirit stays in place, and keeps my hair out of my eyes, while looking great. I think I’m going to order a couple more. It’s worth every penny.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. Order yours at

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Price: $7.99.


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