Yoga Teacher and PREGAME FIT founder Dempsey Marks talks yoga and wellness

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The founders of Pregame Fit
The dreaded “Freshman 15,” the “Sophomore 20” – with holiday season well under way and winter semester in full swing, hundreds of thousands of college students – from first year to graduate school – are facing the same reality: academic life is hectic. With busy class schedules, intense study, clubs, volunteering, the party scene, and more, the lack of both time and money means health and fitness take a back seat.

From fitness expert Dempsey Marks and nutrition guru Olivia Weinstein comes PREGAME FIT. Available today, PREGAME FIT is a one-of-a-kind, researched-based, 12-week fitness program designed specifically to address the three key barriers preventing young adults from exercising – Time, Space and Affordability.

Best friends and recent college graduates, Marks and Weinstein know from personal experience the challenges young adults face. Receiving her fitness certification while she was still a college student, Marks worked as a personal trainer in her university wellness center, gaining even further understanding of the unique needs of her millennial peers.

“College was awesome. But staying fit was a challenge,” says Dempsey Marks. “With late hours, parties, an empty wallet, cheap fast food, and constant demands on my time, it was almost impossible to get to the gym. We wanted to create a lifestyle program that anyone can work into their schedule – no matter how little time, money or space they have. PREGAME FIT is that program – setting young adults up with healthy habits and balance that can last a lifetime.”

In this interview Dempsey talked to me about her experience creating a fitness program.

Ysmay: Where did you come up with the idea of Pregame Fit? Where did the inspiration come from?

Dempsey: The idea for PreGame Fit actually came about when we were discussing how we integrate healthy living into our own hectic schedules. Both of us were constantly being asked “How do you maintain your fitness and physique while balancing work, school, and socializing?” We answered the question so many times that we finally realized that there was a market for this type of product. So many health and fitness plans are extreme and that can be very discouraging to people with busy schedules. We originally were inspired to create a Workout and Nutrition Guide that was compatible with the college lifestyle. In the process of writing it we realized that a fitness plan that accommodated the chaotic lifestyle of a college student, would be effective in producing results for any and all demographics. Hence, we set about to make a Workout and Nutrition Guide that could easily be integrated into people’s daily lives.

What sets Pregame Fit apart from the other fitness sites/programs out there?

PreGame Fit, unlike so many other fitness plans, is about balance—not extremes. We created PreGame Fit to specifically address the three barriers that most often prevent people from living healthy lives—time, space, and affordability. Our workouts are all 30 minutes or less in duration (most people don’t have the luxury of working out several hours a day). The strength workouts can be completed in as little as a 5×5 foot space and don’t require a gym membership or expensive equipment. As for the nutrition plan, nothing is off limits, which is rare in a society where fad diets are popping up left and right.

Tell me about your nutrition plan. You say nothing is off limits, so how are people going to prevent weight gain?

The PreGame Fit Nutrition plan utilizes a technique called portion control. Believe it or not, the key to maintaining a healthy weight is portion control—not dieting. It allows for flexibility in your diet because nothing is off limits. How does this prevent weight gain? Well, it’s all about (you guessed it) controlling your portions and not overeating. We advocate implementing portion control specifically with high-calorie foods (like pizza, burgers, pasta, etc) and bulking up your meal with low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods (like unlimited fruits and veggies). This technique allows you to feel like you’re eating just as much food as you would usually eat. We believe that allowing for no restrictions in your diet helps create a healthier relationship with food. Eat healthy when you can and indulge when you want to!

What’s the workout like? Yoga? Weights? Aerobics?

The strength workouts are the backbone of the PGF workout plan. They utilize a technique called high-intensity circuit training that combines strength and cardio to provide maximum results in minimum time. Each strength workout consists of 4 7-minute circuits. Each circuit consists of 3 exercises which you perform back-to-back for 7 minutes straight with little to no rest. Studies actually show that high intensity circuit training is more effective than traditional strength training. Plus, all of the workouts exercise your entire body so no muscle group will get overly fatigued.

What do you hope people to get out of the program?

The most important thing that we want people to take from this program is that healthy living is attainable and sustainable. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing lifestyle. Our program is all about balancing fitness and health with work and fun. Healthy living shouldn’t be overwhelming or stressful. Rather it should enhance the quality of your everyday life.

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