YogaFit for warriors to be first yoga program approved by the GI Bill

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YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide just announced that their YogaFit for Warriors program is the only yoga training program in the country that has been approved by the GI Bill and Military Spouse Career Advancement Program (MyCAA).

Military members and spouses will now be eligible to receive financial assistance to participate in YogaFit for Warriors trainings and seminars.

Established in 1994, YogaFit has since trained more than 250,000 yoga and fitness professionals worldwide.

Their new program, YogaFit for Warriors, is designed to help calm troubling emotions, thought patterns, chronic tension, and may potentially ease suffering from the result of emotional or physical trauma including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Carefully designed by YogaFit trainer, Lt. Col. Shaye Molendyke, Yoga Therapist Kristy Manual, and YogaFit founder Beth Shaw, YogaFit for Warriors employs safe, trauma-sensitive yoga to heal a warrior’s body, mind and spirit.

By using transformational language, slower movements and focused breathing exercises as well as meditation imagery techniques addressing PTSD, this yoga practice aims to ease the mind and body from traumatic brain injury and other common issues that develop in military settings with returning veterans as well as their families.

The lessons highlight the somatic component of anxiety and depression while teaching breathing and meditation practices to help relax the body and mind. It also explores restorative yoga postures, breathing techniques and other complementary techniques to soothe the fight-or-flight response.

The GI Bill provides up to 36 months of education benefits, generally payable for 15 years following your release from active duty. The benefits are designed to help service members and eligible veterans cover the costs associated with getting an education or training, and YogaFit is happy to be the first provider of yoga education opportunities.

MyCAA is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance to eligible military spouses who are pursuing a license, certification or Associate’s degree in a portable career field and occupation.


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