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Meet Becca Pati | 42Yogis.com

Becca Pati has been teaching yoga for 8 years and counting. Her background in Therapeutic Massage Therapy gave her the insight needed to understand movement and breath.

Becca is known for her Creative Flows which build on Hatha Vinyasa and Ashtanga, but with a creative twist.

In this exclusive interview Becca talked to me about her yoga journey.

Ysmay: How long have you been doing yoga and why did you start?

Becca: I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years on and off – but more seriously in the past 5. I started yoga primarily because I had a “lifetime” gym membership and was bored with the results and the atmosphere. I had heard about yoga, but never really tried it – so I went with a friend and it totally changed my life.

How long have you been teaching and why did you start teaching?

I started teaching 8 years ago because I always felt that I had a connection with people and wanted to deepen that relationship somehow. As a therapeutic massage therapist, since 2002, I felt that yoga would complement my clients in a stretching/rehabilitation kind of way.

The results I saw in myself were pretty amazing even after such a short amount of time – I just knew I wanted to learn more and share my knowledge with the people closest to me.

After I took my training, I saw more than just the physical changes in myself. My mind was different (more relaxed/clear/calm) and I was completely blown away. And that’s what has kept me teaching, growing and connecting – my curiosity to the practice.

What are some of the benefits you get from your yoga practice?

Yoga has broken down barriers in me that I never thought would be possible. I’ve become softer, less aggressive, more compassionate and understanding. Living in kindness and love is important to me, but also giving myself permission to make mistakes and to be totally authentic without feeling guilt.

Yoga, as a lifestyle discipline, connects me to my body and mind through creative movement, breathing, meditation and just consciously moving in my daily routine.

Tell us a bit about your creative flow style. It’s a little different from traditional vinyasa, right?

It’s really a challenge to describe my style; mostly because I sequence freely in the moment and don’t over think the process. I would say that because I am not a “traditional” type person, that my flows are creative and “outside the box.”

I don’t like prepackaged foods and I don’t enjoy prepackaged yoga. I think there is a time and place for routine and same same – but the evolution of music, movement, breath and body are so expansive – and, for me, need to be expressed in a way that is dynamic, fun and free.

I used to be concerned about how I think and see the world – but now, I embrace the quirkiness and vibrancy of my creative energy. I would hope that people experience something beautiful when they practice with me. I feel I’m simply using yoga flows as a form of deeper connection to self and others.

What’s next for you and yoga?

WOW. Tough question… I would say that the Universe has interesting plans for me. I’m not sure what that looks like and I don’t feel that I need to know. What I do see, is that my reach, through social media, is becoming more global.

I would love to continue teaching in my own Studio, as well as at international festivals and conferences. I love yoga. I love people. The two will take me where I am supposed to be. I am hosting my first international yoga retreat in Belize Nov. 19-26, 2014. For more info check out my website.


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