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Upward Facing Dog by Shayna Hiller

Meet yogi and Essentia Water Hydration Specialist Shayna Hiller.

In her early twenties, Shayna found herself in the midst of an eating disorder. Following an unexpected and sudden break up, Shayna gradually became committed to controlling her intake of her surroundings, whether in the form of food or exercise.

Not only did this issue lead her to a near-deadly weight of 67 pounds, but Shayna felt so trapped in Orthorexia that she could not break free. Yoga and meditation were Shayna’s tools for transformation. These ancient arts guided her on a path to self-love and health.

Now Shayna is helping others embrace health and transformation. Her new book “Don’t Judge Me By My Cover” is designed to empower readers to make their own healthy choices.

In this exclusive interview, Shayna talks about transformation and her new book.

Ysmay: What’s your favorite style of yoga?

Shayna: My favorite style of yoga is vinyasa yoga. I started practicing Ashtanga, which is a rigorous form of yoga– super traditional from India. I now practice an adapted version. I love the combination between breath and movement. I equally enjoy the purifying sensation of sweat.

How has yoga helped you transform?

Yoga put me in touch with my body and my mind and taught me how to build awareness and create more peace in my life.

Tell me a bit about your new book, “Don’t Judge Me By My Cover.” What inspired you to write it?

My book covers 23 steps anyone can take to increase confidence, boost their health, and improve all corners of life. I wrote the book based on my own personal experience having cured myself from a near death eating disorder, as well as having professional education in the health and wellness field. Every obstacle in life is an opportunity for growth, and every single person on the planet has the capacity for self healing. We just have to be reminded sometimes, and ‘Don’t Judge Me By My Cover’ serves as that reminder.

What do you hope readers get out of reading your book?

Not only do I hope but I know that if readers pay attention and complete the exercises in
the book, they can transform their lives for the better. Even reading just one chapter can
have significant impact.

My intention is for my readers to feel empowered and educated in
order to make choices that serve their highest potential in life. Readers will receive nutrition
education, tips on mindful exercise, how to deal with stress and anxiety, how to tap into intuition, how to build authentic sustainable relationships, and much much more.

A lot of 42Yogis subscribers are seeking transformation. What’s one piece of advice you have for people who are seeking transformation through yoga?

Stop seeking. Change and transformation happen when we let go of trying. Let it come to

What’s next for you?

I recently started working with Essentia Water as a Hydration Specialist and will be hosting
fun events to raise awareness of proper hydration being the foundation of good health. I will be offering book signings and workshops, as well as retreats worldwide. To book me for an event at your facility or to explore my health coaching services, please visit my website.

Buy Shayna’s book here. Follow Shayna on Twitter: @shaynayoga


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