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Wah! talks yoga and the healing power of music


Wah! has been leading audiences and doing field work in the area of personal development for 30 years.

She has recorded 18 albums; performed with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and numerous transformational leaders; and lectured at Princeton University. Praising music as therapeutic, she also performs healing work in hospitals.

She has performed throughout the U.S. and in countries such as England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Costa Rica. Wah! has appeared in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Yoga International Magazine and NEWLIFE Magazine.

In this interview, Wah! talked to me about her yoga journey.

Ysmay: What brought you to yoga?

Wah!: I attended a meditation program while on Spring Break at Oberlin College/Conservatory in Ohio. Before that, I hadn’t given much consideration to the idea of yoga, but the rejuvenation and tranquility of that experience genuinely influenced me. Since that Spring Break, I have done yoga almost every day for 30 years.

What’s your favorite part of yoga?

Yoga works. Isn’t that amazing? You might start doing yoga just for exercise, stress reduction, or to find community, but as you do the poses it leads you inwards to your Self. Yoga begins a process of purification. Fast, slow, hot, power, thai or yin… it will purify you just the same.

How does sound and music help people purify, heal, and grow?

Music creates a flow and takes you on a journey. Music, along with sound, can be potent tools for healing and relaxation. Both can help maintain a better connection with our inner lives, so put on a great song and start moving.

When your music is being played during a yoga practice, how can it enhance what the yogi is experiencing?

The music I play includes lyrics from ancient languages (Sanskrit, Latin, Greek) that have been used for centuries to create sacred connection. Meditative energy allows people to rest and heal, set intentions for their own life and heart and be in a state of awareness and self-connection. Music (which is timeless) allows you to feel the infinite possibilities awaiting you in the Universe. You want to hear that track repeatedly; people often listen to my tracks many times. Because I am in meditative state when I make the music, when you listen, you absorb the benefits of that energy.

What do people get when they come to one of your shows?

The Healing Concert is a feature-length presentation of profound beauty. Slow moving, calming laser lights and visual projections create patterns found in Nature such as constellations in the sky and Northern Lights on the horizon. I perform live, my voice, loops, delays, and keyboards gently guiding audiences into deep relaxation and rejuvenation. You can dream, feel inspired and be in a state of gratitude. Most people gain what they came looking for, whether it’s solace, insight, or inspiration.

What is it like for you to be on stage?

I move into a quiet world that’s blissfully relaxing. There are no cell phones or any sort of conversation. It’s just the music and me. I love being free in that deeply relaxing energy! It’s an opportunity to improvise, loop, sing, and bring people on an unforgettable journey of peacefulness. I join the audience as they embrace the soothing visuals and sounds and settle into a more calming, revitalizing state of mind.

Learn more about Wah! at WahMusic.com.

Photo by Robert Sturman.


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