Yogis protested, but Washington D.C. passed the yoga tax anyway

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Yoga Class

In rather upsetting news, Washington D.C. city council just voted to keep the yoga tax.

The council voted 9-4 to keep the yoga tax in the $10.6 billion budget, despite multiple online (and offline) protests, and an amendment to eliminate this nearly 6% sales tax on health and wellness facilities.

Chairman Phil Mendelson says the 5.75% tax will not deter people from taking yoga classes or joining a gym.

Councilmember David Catania is running for mayor, and pledged to appeal the tax if he is elected.

I believe yoga and fitness classes are often too expensive as it is. One of the many hurdles yoga has had to overcome is being expensive. I believe the D.C. yoga tax is only going to make this worse.

Despite being called the “Yoga Tax” this tax effects other services as well including:

  • Yoga studios, health clubs, and gyms
  • Storage lockers
  • Car washes
  • Water delivery services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Bowling and billiards

Businesses will have to start paying this tax beginning January 1st 2015.


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