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I love Subscription Boxes. They’re super fun. I love getting stuff in the mail, and I love not knowing exactly what’s going to be in the box. It’s like opening a Christmas present every month. I remember about 3-6 months ago I was looking for a yoga subscription box, but I couldn’t find one. I considered starting one at 42Yogis, but I’m a solopreneur, and have neither the time nor the resources to dedicate to one more venture.

So, I forgot about the yoga box, and moved on. Until now.

I recently discovered BuddhiBox. Founded by Maxine Chapman, an entrepreneur and yoga teacher, BuddhiBox is a subscription box service with mindfulness in mind. In this interview, Maxine talks about how the business got started, and what subscribing yogis can expect.

Ysmay: How did Buddhi Boxes get started?

Maxine: The idea to start BuddhiBox came about very quickly. I was just wrapping up teaching a hot yoga class and one of the students asked me what I had rubbed on their back as I was adjusting them. I shared with them the soothing gel and they asked me where they could purchase it. They did not know the product had existed and loved it. I then began chatting with a fellow yoga teacher and was using an all natural antibacterial lavender scented spray on my hands. I offered her some and she loved it, again asking me where she could get it. She loved that it was all natural, non-toxic, and smelled great.

As I was driving home from the studio, I started thinking about how often students, friends, family, and co-workers asked me about the products I used. It was actually really frequent. Questions like ‘how do I get my feet to stick onto my mat better during warrior 2?’. ‘What can I eat before class that will not make me feel heavy, so I can flow?’ Or, ‘I am trying to be more mindful about what I put on my body, do you know any non-toxic lotions, soaps, etc…’

So as I was on my way home I thought about how before I started my commitment to a daily yoga practice, the idea of mindful living didn’t really exist. I did not think about making my physical yoga experience better, because whenever I made it to the studio it was just about getting in and out.

Okay I may have been one of those people who skipped savasana. I know – tragic. I was a lost soul. I did not spend time thinking about what I put in and on my body. Whatever I grabbed off the store shelf that smelled good did the trick. And diet, well that was not great either.

But when I really started to dive into my practice, my connection to honoring myself grew. And over time, I sought out to find the simple things that would enhance my practice and my lifestyle. For example, like a super absorbent towel for hot yoga. Soothing gel for my sore chattarunga arms. Blissful lavender oil for my savasana.

Laundry detergent that cared for my beautiful yoga leggings. Scented all natural soy candles for evening meditations.

And that was pretty much how the concept started. With me wanting to share these things with my community. To deliver a box of happiness, to remind them once a month to care for themselves. That YOU and your wellbeing matter. Basically what the principles of yoga teach us. To care, honor, and take time for ourselves.

Plus there are so many wonderful businesses out there that create organic, non-toxic, humane products. Many of them are yogis who created these items out of love for their community. Because they share the values of their yoga community. Yoga is not just the postures, it is the philosophy, it a lifestyle.

What kind of stuff can customers expect to receive in their box?

It has been so fun getting to find products for the box. I have meet so many great people and have discovered so many great products. The November (the first box) is so amazing. Has so many goodies, I cannot wait to ship out to homes all over the US and Canada. And the upcoming boxes are just as amazing.

I don’t want to give to much away because how often do we get to be surprised in our day to day? But to give you some ideas – healthy snacks, products to take care of your yoga mat, clothes & accessories like cleaners and sprays. Savasana and meditation upgrades – scents, eye pillows, candles. And even fun Yummi Yogi cookie cutters so you can bring your yoga into the Holiday celebrations.

In addition, there will be some other goodies in BuddhiBox like a healthy recipes from chefs and healthy living experts. And a percentage of sales from BuddhiBoxes sold will go to a different charity each month. It will change each month.

November we are supporting the One Love Movement which seeks to serve underprivileged women and youth populations globally. And December Eat. Breathe. Thrive which is a non-profit program that aims to prevent and help individuals recover from disordered eating and negative body image. It is just another way we can support our community. By giving back.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone who practices yoga or mindful living. Pretty much any age, male or female. I do have a few ideas that I hope to offer in the next 6 months. So you will have to stay connected. We also have an on-line store that has new items added daily. So if you like what you received in the BuddhiBox, you can come to the store and purchase it.

When do they ship, and how many Buddhi Boxes will you be shipping out?

We ship BuddhiBoxes every month, on the second Monday of the month. People are excited to get their first box, our subscriber base is growing daily so I do not have an average yet. I am eager to get the first boxes shipped.

I have sent a few early boxes to friends and blogs to check out and provide me with feedback. So far, people are loving the products. Like I said before the business that I am working with are really special.

What are some of the challenges you have experienced with organizing a subscription box service?

Good question. Like with any new start up business there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. So every day presents new challenges, but not necessarily in a negative way. The biggest challenge is that I have so many ideas and things I want to do, but just not enough hours in the day to get them done.

Isn’t this always the case? And of course there are all the details. Always those small details that take up time.

But it is all good. I have so much to be grateful for in these challenges. I get to wake up and work on something I am passionate about. Founding BuddhiBox has been a journey and continues to be. Yes let’s call it a journey, not so much a challenge.

Prior to starting BuddhiBox I did some meditating and soul searching on what would be my dream job, what would that entail?

I kept coming back to two quotes – One from Oprah “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and Rumi “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

Well I love yoga and I love connecting with people. I decided whatever I settled into, I wanted it to be purposeful, it to support my community, and make people happy. I hope that customers really feel that when they open their BuddhiBox.

What’s the most rewarding part about what you do?

Being able to connect people and make them happy. Whether it is finding great vendors to work with and partner with.

Or connecting these vendors with a BuddhiBox customer that has been looking for their product and has finally found it. Meeting yoga teachers and practitioners on social media and making new friends. Supporting and introducing wonderful charitable organizations to a new audience that feels passionate about their cause. Simply supporting a community of happy, healthy, mindful living yogis.

How can we expect to see BuddhiBox grow in the coming months?

I hope to continue to curate great product within the box and find new, fun products for the web site. I also plan to add some great content to the site through the blog and other channels. I have a lot of ideas to work on implement in the next year. It will keep me busy this journey. But I am open to receive whatever comes along and I trust the journey.

Follow BuddhiBox on Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe here.

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