My Favourite Things: Top Yoga Gear for Summer 2016

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My Favourite Summer Yoga Gear 2016
The yoga industry is growing at a huuuge rate, and awesome new products are constantly popping up on the market. It can be so hard to keep up with what’s good.

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the latest and greatest yoga products, and in this post I’ve curated my favourite items for summer 2016. I only post reviews here of the things I actually like. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I sent back!

Here’s my list of the top yoga gear for summer 2016.


Muse Meditation Headband

I’ve only been using Muse for a couple weeks, but it’s already starting to change the way I meditate. I started meditating years ago, but it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve started taking it more seriously. This headband gives you realtime feedback on what your brain is doing, so you can catch yourself when your mind wanders and get right back to meditating. I love that this headband is at the corner of wellness, meditation, and technology, and will be motivating and inspiring a whole new generation to meditate using their smart devices as a guide.

Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle

This. Thing. Rocks. I can’t even tell you how much I love this bottle. I’ve had a hard time with shaker cups in the past, and I was really impressed by the Blender Bottle. The Signature Sleek is thinner than the sports bottle, and it fits perfectly inside my yoga mat bag. Check out my comprehensive review with recipes.

Tee Bra

The Tee Bra

Now this is an interesting concept. I was really on the fence about this shirt when I first heard about it. It’s a t-shirt with a layer overtop and an elastic band that acts like a bra and gives some support. The shirt is super soft, and it worked for me for hatha and yin yoga. It didn’t give enough quite support for jogging, but I’m a 36D. If you are smaller chested, the support will probably be fine. I love how soft it is, and I love I can wear it out in public after yoga class without it being too obvious I’m just left yoga.


The best sandals for hot yoga or yoga on the beach

If you’re fortunate enough to go to a beautiful hot yoga studio that has a locker room and showers, you need these sandals. If you’re fortunate enough to do yoga on a beautiful beach, you need these sandals. These sandals, designed by Austin based company Austin Footwear, are made out of recycled tires. You can get ’em wet no problem, so popping into the shower at the yoga studio is not going to be an issue. And they’re surprisingly sturdy. I have a bad track record with sandals being too cheap, too thin, or flimsy. These are great. They are very sturdy and I haven’t had any discomfort when stepping on stones…in fact, I can barely tell.

Aurorae Synergy Mat Towel

How much do you hate when your mat towel bunches up during class and slides around? This innovative product has a towel on the top, and a yoga mat like finish on the bottom. It does not slide around, and is supportive enough to be used on its own without a mat underneath. Perfect for hot yoga, or yoga outside where you might get sweaty, or the grass under your mat might be damp. Just like any yoga mat, let it off gas for a couple days before you use it. Unlike most yoga mats, you can stick this in the washer and it doesn’t fall apart. This is THE mat if you are going to be going to hot yoga.

YogaFit Student Bundle

Beth Shaw, the president and founder of world-renowned YogaFit™, has a new student bundle of all three of her awesome YogaFit books, including her latest book The YogaFit Athlete: Up Your Game with Sport-Specific Poses to Build Strength, Flexibility, and Balance! If you want to start or deepen a practice, and get healthier, these books will help you transform your life by the time school gets back in session.


Before 42Yogis I worked for a company in the sustainability space, so I have a lot of experience with reviewing bamboo products. Every other bamboo bra I have ever used was scratchy, thin, and didn’t give enough support. The Tasc bras are amazing. They’re super soft, stretchy, and give amazing support. I am very surprised at how comfortable they are. It’s not very often a sports bra gives good support, feels soft, and isn’t painfully tight. I can’t tell you how much I love these bras. Tasc is so committed to sustainability the tags are recyclable and attached with reusable safety pins. And they get bonus points for having a panda in their logo.

FitKnix Thong by Knix Wear

FitKnix Thong

And as long as we’re talking about undergarments designed for yoga, the Knix Wear Thong is perfect for your yoga practice. The material is moisture wicking, not too thick, and breatheable. My favourite part? No tasteless seams under your yoga pants. A lot of other yogis love this new product too. It was successfully funded on IndieGoGo to the tune of $60,000.

Slinger Crop Capri by Hard Tail Forever

Slinger Yoga Capri by Hard Tail FOrever

Oh. My. There is something about these capris that made me fall in love. It could be the super soft fabric, the fit, the roll up top that lets you hide some…uh…unflattering areas, or the detail on the side. Some days having a super cute outfit that makes you feel confident and sexy is just what you need to be excited about doing yoga, and these pants do the trick.

Alessandra Bra by YEBA


This brand from Los Angeles specializes in making yoga gear for the modern and chic yogi. The Alessandra bra caught my eye with its slightly longer lenth. The longer length keeps the bra from moving around when you’re doing handstands and down dog. Pair with the Selena Shorts and you have the perfect summer yoga outfit that can go from yoga class to the beach.

For The Men:

Because men are underserved in the yoga gear world, my husband generously offered to review the following products, and gave me his unbiased opinion.

Lululemon Namaste at the Beach

My husband LOVES these. I can’t get him out of them. I suspect this summer he will be living in these shorts. On the surface the Namaste At The Beach Short by Lululemon isn’t anything special. It looks like a basic short. But on the inside is a soft lining that acts like a modesty panel (no more embarrassing down dog moments in yoga class), and gives support. With these shorts you can go from yoga to swimming with no need to have a second pair of shorts on hand.


These shorts can be worn under yoga shorts or on their own. They have a pouch designed to support, even when flowing through sun salutations at a rapid pace, jumping in your Ashtanga practice, and doing handstands. My husband said there was no uncomfortable bunching and when in the middle of flows and inversions everything stayed right where it should.

Bonus: Snap Laces

Snap Laces

These laces are really interesting. These are laces with a plastic hook that allow you to tighten your shoes without having to tie your laces. These are also convenient for coming and going from yoga class with your kids where fussing around with your (and their) shoes in the lobby can be kind of irritating. How many times have you sat there with your child trying to get them to hurry up so someone else can use the bench to get their shoes on? Snap Laces removes that irritation from your Saturday morning kid’s yoga class.

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