Yoga Poses for a Bulging Disc

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Many people suffer from bulging discs, but aren’t quite sure how to deal with them. While they often cause irritation, sometimes it’s not enough to need surgery or medications.

One of the best ways to help deal with and even fix a bulging disc is with yoga. Keeping spinal disc healthy can be a little tricky, but there are a few ways to help do so, such as with yoga. This article will explain more behind what a bulging disc is and list a few of the best yoga poses to reduce its pain.

What is a Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc occurs when one of your spinal discs slips out of place. This can cause a serious crack in its exterior casing. Eventually, this disc could start to press on surrounding nerves which could cause shooting pain down your back, arms, and legs.

What Causes a Bulging Disc?

A variety of things can cause a bulging disc. One of the most common reasons is because of improper lifting techniques. If you bend or twist your body in an awkward way, it can pop a disc out of place. While you might not notice this at first, you’ll eventually start to experience its symptoms.

Another frequent cause of a bulging disc is age. As our body gets older, the casing around the discs softens. This makes it much easier for one to move out of place.

Other things that might result in a bulging disc include:

  • Car accidents
  • Poor posture
  • Sitting or standing for a long period of time
  • Repetitive motions
  • Poor core stability

Symptoms of a Bulging Disc

Sometimes you might not even realize that you have a bulging disc. However, this isn’t to say that for some people it might cause some serious side effects. Some of the most common symptoms of a bulging disc are:

  • Pain in your arms, legs, and back
  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness in your arms and legs
  • A stiff neck
  • Overactive reflexes

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a type of exercise that is designed to calm you both mentally and physically. It incorporates various techniques, such as stretches and deep breathing exercises, to help with various problems.

Can Yoga Heal a Bulging Disc?

Yoga might not fully heal a bulging disc but it can help with it. By stretching your body in certain positions, it can help reduce pressure that the disc puts on nerves and muscles. You might even find that after practicing yoga a few times it could naturally pop the disc back in place.

Is Yoga Safe for Bulging Discs?

Yoga is safe to practice if you have a bulging disc. However, it’s important to start slow. If you try to overexert your body it could make the problem worse. While uncommon, if you do experience pain when doing a pose, immediately stop. This is your body warning you that you’re overdoing it and the stretches are only worsening the issue.

4 Yoga Poses for Bulging Discs

Full Locust Pose

The full locust pose is one of the best to use to help heal a bulging disc. However, it could put a little strain on your lower back. Because of this, it might be good to try another stretch first or talk with your chiropractor before attempting it.

To do the full locust pose, put your stomach flat on the ground and keep your hands straight by your side. Once this is done, lift your arms up behind you as far as they can go. As you do this, lift your legs up as high as they will go. Hold this position for five seconds and then release. Repeat the pose a few times and then take a break.

Cobra Pose

The is a simple yoga pose that is designed to help relieve back pain. It works to release tension in your lower back which can help if the bulging disc is located in this area.

To begin, lie with your stomach flat on the ground. Keep your feet straight out behind you and your arms flat by your side. Then, bend your arms by your side so that they make a 90-degree angle. Use your arms to slowly lift your upper body but keep your legs and feet on the ground. Hold this pose for a few seconds and then return to the original position. You’ll want to repeat this process about five times.

Warrior One Pose

The warrior one pose can help increase stability which can keep your spine aligned and build strength in your back muscles. 

The first step is to stand with correct posture. Then, move your right leg forward out in front of you until it makes a 90-degree angle. Slightly lean your body toward your right leg and then lift your arms straight up into the air. Bring the palms of your hands together and hold this position for a few seconds. Afterward, return to the original position and repeat with your left leg.

When doing this pose make sure that you have weight evenly distributed on both of your feet. While this might be difficult at first, it’s crucial to do. Otherwise, you risk putting more pressure on one leg and foot which could cause tension and strain.

Bridge Pose

This is another easy and very effective yoga pose for a bulging disc. Because it stretches your back, it encourages the disc to slide back in place.

To do this pose, lie with your back flat on the ground. While keeping your arms straight at your side, use your legs to lift your back up into the air. As you do this, take your hands and grasp onto your ankles. This will help you to keep your balance. Once this is done, take a few deep breaths. Then, release your grip and slowly move your back down to the ground. You’ll want to repeat this pose three times.

A bulging disc can be uncomfortable, but with the help of yoga, you can significantly reduce its symptoms. You might even find that it could naturally realign the disc. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to provide instant relief to the area.


Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. founded Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab and has been a chiropractor for over 20 years. His practice has treated thousands of patients from different health problems using physical therapy, chiropractic care, and massage therapy designed to help give long-lasting relief.


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