Yoga Wear: Brands Designed with the Flexible Athlete in Mind

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Prana's 2015 Collection

Yoga is all about centering the mind and body, but wearing the wrong type of clothing during a workout can take your thoughts away from proper posing and breathing. Instead of perfecting your Warrior pose or Sun Salutation, you’ll spend your time squirming on the mat wondering how quickly you can get out of your workout gear. Next time you need a new yoga or workout outfit, shop these brands that represent the perfect combination of comfort and style.


Owned by Gap, Athleta’s yoga clothes can take you from the mat to the streets. Adorned with colorful patterns and designs, many of the items are purported to be odor-proof, so you can wear them through many sweaty workouts a day without washing them. Atheleta’s fabrics also feature natural silver salts that provide antimicrobial protection and reduce laundry frequency.


Nordstrom’s yoga brand has earned rave reviews from athletes who love its stylish designs, durable construction, and comfortable fit. With plus sizes and a kid’s line available, there is a Zella outfit for every athlete. Nordstrom now also offers online coupons through discountrue which can help get you even more savings.


Started in 2008 by Jamie Hanna, a certified yoga instructor, Zobha is a luxury brand renowned around the world for its premium performance clothing and accessories for men and women. Must-have pieces include the edgy full-zip vest, snug-fitting leggings and yoga thongs that are invisible under even the thinnest pants.


Prana’s premium brand of yoga clothes is also made with sustainability in mind. The price tags are a bit hefty, but the designs are fashion-forward and feature eye-catching patterns in jewel tones and neutrals. Their spring 2015 collection features rich colours and distinctive textures.

“We were inspired by “off the beaten path”, foreign travel, and the elevated fascination with other cultures, foreign landscapes, and age-old merchant trading hubs,” said Ellen Krimmel, prAna’s VP of design and merchandising. “You’ll see the influence of these inspirations in our product line through use of textured effects in fabrics, unique prints and patterns, and vibrant but soothing use of color.”

Old Navy

Budget-conscious yoga practitioners will love Old Navy’s line of athletic clothing. The brand’s pieces come in both plus and tall sizes, and it mixes affordable prices with bright solid-color designs.

Lily Lotus

This Hawaiian brand is sold around the world in specialty boutiques and famous for its eco-friendly ethos. Yoga pieces are stylish, eclectic, and made entirely in the United States. Every season debuts new prints and color washes that are feminine and fashionable.


Like Lily Lotus, Soybu is a sustainable brand, but is available at most major sporting good outlets. With yoga and workout clothes made from bamboo, soy, recycled materials, and organic cotton, it is the perfect brand for eco-conscious athletes.

The brands on this list represent the very best in yoga and athletic clothing, and prove there is something for everyone who wants to embrace the practice while looking stylish on the mat.

Photo courtesy Prana.

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