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10 Daily Yoga Poses for Everyday Problems

Yes, you know that yoga is a great way to workout, lose weight, calm your mind, and get super flexible, but there’s a lot more to it. Yoga offers such a wide range of health benefits that it is no longer just in the realms of alternative medicine. Even conventional...
5 Popular Forms of Yoga

5 Popular Forms of Yoga

Despite popular belief, yoga is more than just stretching. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that originated in India. Yoga can help increase your flexibility, align your spine, clear your mind, and assist in healthy sleeping patterns. In addition to...
5 Exercises To Get Better at Yoga

5 Complimentary Exercises to Get Better at Yoga

Are you struggling to become better at yoga? These 5 exercises will help. Click through to read more.

Yoga Tips to Warm Up in Winter

Cold weather causes more than just discomfort. Sure, you’re freezing and would do anything to feel the warmth of the sun again, but that wintertime chill is straining your body’s resources, too.

How Yoga and Meditation Help Alleviate Addiction

Overcoming an addiction is imperative for your physical and mental well-being. An addiction can destroy your life when it causes additional health problems or when it causes financial distress.

Body and Mind: How the Practice of Yoga Affects Well-Being

With the right types of movements and postures, you can enjoy several benefits from yoga.

Brilliant Gifts to Give to Your Yogi Friends

There’s so much diversity within the community, it can be hard to nail down the perfect idea, or you might be afraid of getting them something they already have.

Benefits of Yoga

8 Awesome Benefits of Yoga