Yoga Camp – Day 15 – I Am Open

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Yoga Camp - Day 15 - I Am Open

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Yoga Camp – Day 15. We are half way there! This yoga practice works both mind and body inviting you to connect and create space. Celebrate meeting the halfway mark by opening yourself up to something new. This practice strengthens and lengthens.

Open your heart, open your mind, open yourself to all possibilities. Strong attention to the breath in this sequence and a strong return to self exploration. Stick with it! You are doing something challenging and awesome for yourself.

Celebrate the half way point and dive in! Share your experience down below and with #YOGACAMP More at Twitter: @yogawithadriene Instagram: @adrienelouise Facebook: Yoga With Adriene

Arms Core Hips Legs Sequences Vinyasa Yoga Camp

Beginner 10-20 Minutes


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