Yoga Camp Day 8 – I Choose

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Yoga Camp Day 8 - I Choose

Yoga Camp – Day 8.

30 Days Of Yoga Camp continues with this yummy restorative practice. Let your hair down, take a break off the arms and wrists. Rejuvenate and restore. The mantra today is I Choose. A subtle but powerful practice, this stretchy, soothing, healing yoga will leave you feeling balanced and open. This half hour yoga practice will assist you in practicing simply being present, focusing on the breath and on where you are at today. Find What Feels Good. Slow it down with this relaxing sequence for the whole body.

If there has been anything that is stressing you out or worrying you, choose to let go. Don’t hate, meditate, feel great!!! Happy Day 8!

Sequences Yoga Camp

Beginner 20-30 Minutes


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