A Unique 14 min HIIT and Stretch Yoga Mix Bodyweight

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Yoga Videos

Today’s class is a unique mix of yoga and bodyweight HIIT exercises that will improve your cardiovascular capacity and muscle strength while increasing metabolism and trimming belly fat.
Exercises Included:
Straddle Handstand Jumps to Star Pushups
Stomach Vacuums in the 20 second Rest Which can help improve your breathing, digestion, metabolism and decrease stomach fat percentage.
Balancing Planks to Backbend Planks Foot Ankle Hold for increased balance and agility and improving the core and trunk stabilizing muscles.
Flexibility Drill – Table top to wild thing to knee tucks.
Skateboarders to Split Leg Push ups
Hip Move Planks
Stretching in the end
Flexibility Drills
Squat Walks

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