Power Yoga for Beginners | Greatist Yoga | Intro to Power Yoga | Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

by | Jul 22, 2015 | 10 - 19 minutes, Yoga Videos

Power Yoga for Beginners: 15 Minute Yoga.
This is an Intro to Power Yoga is Perfect for Beginners.
Enjoy this Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Sequence and learn Power Yoga Poses and Stretches!


Beginner Power Yoga may seem like an oxymoron since Power Yoga is usually practiced by experienced yogis. However, in this class, I’ve created a class safe for those new to yoga that let’s them experience the power yoga principals of flowing on the breath and heating the body.

Power Yoga poses and yoga stretches can help you become stronger and more flexible. This is completely safe even if you’re a beginner at yoga and can help you prepare for more advanced yoga sequences later.

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What is power yoga? It depends what studio and teacher you ask. But my definition of “power yoga” is “moving dynamically (and continuously) with your breath for a heating, full-body workout.”

This can be challenging for those new to yoga. It requires flowing through yoga’s many poses in rapid succession, and if you’re not already familiar with the poses, that’s hard.

To create this class, I took “Power Yoga’s” core principles of (1) breath-based movement and (2) “flowing” between the poses, but made the “flows” simpler and much safer than the traditional chaturanga vinyasa taught in many Power Yoga studios. The workout is still heating and meditative, but accessible to all levels – even someone whose never done yoga before.

My aim was to let everyone experience that “flow” state Power Yoga is popular for, without risking injury, rushing, or getting lost in a tricky transition.

I hope you enjoy this beginner power yoga class!

Let me know in the comments!

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