POWER YOGA HIIT Vinyasa flow All Levels 1-3 Intense Planks

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Free online yoga class. Home workout. AK19
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Let’s Flow with Ease and Strength

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This is a Power Vinyasa Yoga Class with Interval Training elements built throughout the sequence -Interval Yoga. Very fast pace so it’s best to do more than once in order to be able to follow the sequence with the proper breathing technique.

MUSIC by JewelBeats.com
“Love the vinyasa flow Ali, I am a bit reluctant in practicing hip openers , reverse poses, and in my heart I know that I know my body needs this devotion practice to release out of my tissue some visceral adverse energy that has found its housing in my hips.

This practice is strong in core, hips openers, arm balances, hamstrings through the lunges and legs stands that develops through balances the strenghts, and strong vinyasas, at any given moment I can listen to your guiding voice and enumerates many good areas besides the asana, it also the breath and the consciousness, I love this ‘trifecta’.

I went onto the practice not knowing what to expect, and very excited, the timing could not had been more perfect Albena, I was entertaining the idea of what to do, then as I opened my FB I saw both videos and choose the longest one, my energy level was low and as I started to practice it increase by,virtue of the delicacy of the beginning , your instructions are like a guided meditation very kindly like the wind directing the energy and our consciousness with the breath and body movements, I really love it,

On another significant note flow works wonders on the spine through out the practice , love the circulars flows it opens our lungs and touches our core, as well as the triangle lifting pose both arms it isolate the core, the alternating sides legs outside the mat, and bringing he knee in on a plank is a nice warm up and love the chataranga with the double plank to strenghten our firmness.

the practice is very comprehensive in many asanas that touches every single area from different angle and by virtue of our guiding breath the practices deepens the asanas in strenghts, hip openers.
The one leg chataranga is my favorite and also fell in love with the scorpio leg opener at the end, and many others. I love the flow, your guiding in the ‘trufecta’ (asana, breath and awareness/consciousness)
I ‘feel’ it in my hips.
the music is meditating at the same rhythm of your guiding voice, harmoniously, and very present in the movement. one of my favorite is as I was struggling in an asana you said ‘ observe your breath, observe your posture and how you are holding with your body your own awareness’ This was very prominent and proficient because it made me realize to breath into my hip without compromising the integrity of the pose. I love this ‘sensor’reminder of your guiding that brought me back into alignment
Fundamentally I enjoy bit and as I went onto without any expectation and adverse , I learned like you said ‘cultivate patience’
Thank You!!”

Tadasana – Mountain Pose
UrdhvaMukhaSvanasana – Upward Facing Dog Pose
Reversed warrior
side angle
triangle Utthita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle Pose
revolving triangle,
Ardha Chandrasana – Half Moon Pose
pigeon, hip openers
hamstring stretches
quad stretches,
shoulder openers,
hip flexor stretches,
advanced stretches
shoulderstand, plough
Supta Padangusthasana – Supine Big Toe Pose variant
Bharadvajasana – Seated Side Twist
Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend
Uttanasana – Intense Stretch Pose
Lunge – Lunge
Utktasana – Chair Pose
Bhujangasana – Cobra
Savasana – Corpse Pose


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