Revolution – Day 6 – Attention (and Abs) Practice

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Yoga Videos

Your Day 6 practice asks you to befriend your body. Our modern cultures have trained our minds to think of the body in a very distorted way. The language we use to shape the way we think about the body needs to be tended to. So it with a great irony and fun humor that I include ABS into Day 6 routine. It’s okay to want that strong pack. (Pass me a cold one?) But Pay attention! Pay attention to what actually feels good and move from there. We are no doubt getting stronger. Ripped. But it’s only a by product of the deep relationship we are cultivating with ourselves. Hot prana bodies unite!

Surprise yourself.


PS: I changed the title of this puppy to Attention instead of Awareness so that you could consider what it actually is that you are prioritizing when you take time for yourself. What are you paying attention to first? Your flat tummy? Or the smiling of your amazing, unique, brilliant and fierce soul?

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