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by | Dec 1, 2016 | Yoga Videos

Total Body Yoga Workout

This total body yoga workout sequence focuses on core strength with a pretty intense abdominal warm up straight away. Next are some sun salutations to help to build heat in the body and improve circulation.

This is to make sure that the body is safe while attempting the deeper stretches and standing poses. The heat and increased circulation allows the muscles to to release better through the enhanced facial movement. This method makes sure that the joints aren’t at risk.

Next is a particularly challenging standing pose sequence, that helps to build strength and balance in the legs, improving the definition of the leg muscles and strengthening the stabilizers in the hips and inner legs.

The arm balances are done to strengthen the upper body and shoulders, followed by backbends and hamstring strengtheners.

The sequence ends with a nice mellow cool down, some deep stretches to help to release any tension left in the body. It’s the perfect way to balance out such an intense practice. Make sure to drink lots of water after and keep practicing healthy for a lifetime.

This video will get you on the path to practicing healthy for a lifetime.

If you haven’t seen my instagram yet check it out. https://www.theyogadose.comSenesiYoga Follow me there for hints and explanations about some of the trickier poses. The Total Body Yoga Workout sequence is designed to give you a total body workout, and draw attention to common misalignments to help you use the proper muscles and help nourish the organs while in the postures, instead of put undue strain on them. All this so you can feel your best and learn to practice healthy for a lifetime.

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Total Body Yoga Workout


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