Episode #31: Yoga Podcast | The Seven Chakras As A Tool For Personal Growth: Chakra Challenge Intro

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Yoga Videos

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In this yoga podcast, Brett Larkin discusses the seven chakras and the chakra system as a whole. This podcast will also be the introduction for the series of podcasts, videos and other cool stuff that will be released for our chakra challenge. In the chakra challenge, you will be able to do a deep dive and exploration of each and every individual chakras. Take note that there will be an individual podcast for each of the seven chakras.

This first kick off podcast will introduce you to the seven chakras and will just be talking about these energy centers are all about and what do they mean to create a greater context of your body and the world. Listening to this podcast is essential before we deep dive in all individuals of the seven chakras.

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So much love from my heart to yours, Namaste!

Brett xoxo

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