SACRAL CHAKRA YOGA: Beginners Yoga Practice | Hip Openers | Reproductive System

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Yoga Videos

Sacral (2nd) Chakra Yoga, a Healing: Beginners Yoga Practice is perfect for Beginners or intermediate level it’s perfect for moving the circulation of prana, chi, blood into the reproductive organs (second chakra area.) Nourishing physically and energetically that crucial area of our female bodies, Goddess.
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 This second (sacral) chakra is one which is related to water, sexuality, emotions and relating beyond our tribe into duality, so coupling and flowing with intimacy of relationships.

Water element is not just outside of us, but inside our body- the fluids like blood, lymph and so one. The kidneys and bladder energy are governed by this chakra.
Our emotions similarly have a flowing quality and relate to the second chakra, an overly or under emotional person or one who shifts back and forth has an imbalanced energy flow in the sacral chakra.
Many women who have reproductive issues like fibroids, PCoS and menstrual issues all relate to emotions and blockage that can manifest as illness in that area of the body.

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Each videos will go over each chakra and end with a short meditation for that specific chakra’s healing and balancing.

A meditation practice also helps in that you will have the ability to focus the mind.

I give an overview of what the chakras are and their effects on the body , mind and spirit.

Chakra Introduction:
1st chakra:
2nd chakra:
3rd chakra:
4th chakra video:
5th chakra video:
6th chakra video:
7th chakra video:
All 7 Chakras MEDITATION in one session actual mantra chants:
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