Root Chakra Yin Yoga – Calming, Relaxing, & Grounding Sequence

by | May 19, 2019 | Yoga Videos

Join me in this 30 minute root chakra yin yoga sequence. In this class, we’ll be focusing a yin yoga postures specifically for the root chakra. Checkout my 14 Day Chakra Yoga Playlist:

This class targets the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine and associated with the color red. The root chakra is associated with our sense of safety, security and belonging. It deals with scarcity or abundance mindsets and relates to the first stage of infancy when we rely on our parents to care for our needs.

To have a balanced root chakra means that you feel safe and confident and don’t worry about “not having enough”. The poses we’ll be doing are targeted for the lower body such as the feet, quads and hamstrings.

Use as many props as needed in Yin Yoga! Blocks, bolsters and straps are all great ways to support your body.


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